What is Friends Meeting of Washington?

At once both historic and modern, we are a Quaker meeting house and event venue located in Washington, DC’s Dupont Circle neighborhood.

Newly renovated

We have just completed a renovation to connect our buildings and make our indoor and outdoor spaces more attractive, accessible, secure and environmentally sustainable. A new glass main entrance lobby welcomes visitors while a new elevator and connecting corridors make nearly all spaces accessible.


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990, our meeting house was constructed in 1930 during the administration of the Quaker president, Herbert Hoover. It was built to serve as a house of worship and a gathering place for those wanting to “seek peace and pursue it.” The building was enlarged in 1950.

In 1970, we acquired the red brick Quaker House, Carriage House and garden at 2121 Decatur Place NW. Built in the 1920s and also on the National Register, these buildings today house a number of nonprofit organizations and small businesses as well as additional event spaces. All three buildings are connected via a new hallway designed to complement the architecture of each and an elevator.

Environmentally Sustainable

Reflecting our commitment to sustainability, our building includes solar panels and a green roof. Renewable cork floors cover three of our largest rooms and our kitchen is set up for composting most foods. Following our renovation, our gardens are becoming more attractive and accessible while also slowing the flow of stormwater runoff from our property into DC’s sewer system.

An engaged community

We are an especially dynamic Meeting (the term Quakers use to describe their congregations). In addition to over 300 members and numerous regular worship attenders, our community welcomes visitors from all over the world, activists working to make the world a better place, and others seeking to discern their spiritual path within the all-embracing approach of the Society of Friends (Quakers).

“From the moment we came through the gates…the feeling of peace, serenity and being truly welcome was palpable, which was remarkable for us. We immediately made our decision. We were treated with such warmth, respect and support from the moment we walked in through the moment we were married. We just cannot say enough. For anyone contemplating having a wedding here, we highly recommend it.”
~ Sally & Debbie.