Bridge Room


Full of ambiance, this brand new conference room space is located where there was once a terrace above the old carriage house. It is brightened by skylights above and south facing windows. The east and west walls of the conference room are exposed brick with arched French windows. On the north, a glass-paneled, accordion wall opens via the 10-foot deep circulation space onto the upper west terrace and gardens.


  • Skylights
  • Exposed brick walls and French windows
  • Modular conference table with 10 chairs (may be removed if needed for your event)
  • Terrace and garden access

Seating capacity

Up to 20 (10+ at modular conference table)

Square footage

208 sq ft

“We love the new part of your building– it is so light and airy, which is helpful for keeping the energy going during a longer meeting. The Bridge Room has a great countertop for setting out food.” ~ Anonymous