Meeting Room

Our largest space, the Meeting Room reflects historic Quaker traditions and is elegant in its simplicity. Long poplar benches are hand-hewn as is the surrounding walnut wainscoting. With a ceiling height of 17 feet, the space features windows overlooking our gardens. Padded benches can be arranged to best suit your event. The Meeting Room opens onto the east terrace and gardens, rented separately. Guests may enter and exit this space through the east gardens or via our beautiful lobby.


  • Our largest indoor space
  • High ceilings and windows
  • Access to space via gardens and terrace or through main lobby

Seating capacity

Approximately 300 on benches.

Square Footage

2,480 sq feet

Usage Restrictions

Food and drink (other than water) are not permitted in this space.

Benches may be rearranged but cannot be removed from this room.

Due to past damage to the floor, no tape of any kind may be used to secure cables and cords.

“My husband and I could not have chosen a more welcoming and lovely setting to begin our marriage. The beautiful and historic Meeting House, surrounded by gardens, provides a very special setting for family and friends to gather. Our Methodist, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, and non-believing participants celebrated our marriage with joy and love. As we gathered in the Assembly Room for refreshments after the marriage, we were surrounded by those who shared our happiness at finding each other and the commitment they had all helped us make.”

~ Susan G.