The natural landscaping of our gardens respects historic plans, the environment, and poetic inspiration. These spaces are generally packaged with rental of adjacent indoor rooms reserved for parties, weddings and meetings (at an additional cost for exclusive access), but may also be reserved separately.

Our gardens are also ideal for photography — whether for an engagement, anniversary, or other personal or professional purpose.

Tenting or rental of a suitable indoor space (at an additional cost) is required, unless otherwise discussed, to avoid inclement weather.

There are three distinct sections of our gardens described below. The upper and lower levels of our west garden courtyard are generally rented together.

Amenities of all gardens

  • Direct access to associated indoor spaces
  • Electrical outlets available
  • Tenting or indoor space options available (at an additional cost) in case of inclement weather — which may be required based on the size of your event


Learn about our three garden spaces below:

Lower West Garden Courtyard

Upper West Garden Courtyard

East Gardens


West Gardens and Terraces – Lower

    The Assembly Room opens directly onto the lower west terrace and gardens. These gardens offer a private location for your event in the heart of the city. They offer a beautiful setting for larger receptions or additional seating for dinners occurring in the Assembly Room. These gardens are normally rented together with the upper portion of the west terrace and gardens, described below.

    **Fall 2022 Update: We are in the process of converting all of the grass in this garden into a deck. The landscaped border will remain.**



    Assuming a 30′ X 60′ tent has been rented by the space user:

    • Up to 150 banquet style (5′ round tables)
    • Approximately 190 theater style
    • Approximately 180 for a standing reception

    Capacity under the tent may vary depending on the style of tent rented.

    Approximate Square Footage

    Lower terrace: 644 sq feet
    Lower grass: 1,695 sq feet

    Total, lower: 2,339 sq feet

    West Gardens and Terraces – Upper

    The Quaker House Living Room and the Bridge Room open onto the upper west terrace and gardens via the adjacent corridor where stairs lead down to the lower west gardens described above and normally rented together for a seamless event. The upper gardens offer a gathering spot for your event that is private and intimate.


      Assuming tenting of both the brick terrace and grass

      • Up to 100 banquet style (5′ round tables)
      • Approximately 120 theater style
      • Approximately 120 for a standing reception

      Approximate Square Footage

      Upper terrace: 595 sq feet
      Upper grass: 1,225 sq feet

      Total, upper: 1,820 sq feet

      East Gardens and Terraces

      Our Meeting Room, Decatur Place Room, and Terrace Room open onto the east gardens and terrace. These gardens are perfect for smaller receptions, photo shoots and filming, as well as outdoor activities connected to events in these indoor spaces.


        • Up to 32 banquet style (terrace)
        • Approximately 100+ for a standing reception

        Approximate Square Footage

        Terrace: 1,575 sq feet
        Gardens: 1,306 sq feet

        Total, east terrace and gardens: 2,881 sq feet

        “My husband and I were married, in a small traditional Quaker ceremony, in the front garden of the Meeting House. It was a perfect ceremony, in a perfect venue—simple, elegant, and intimate. Afterward, we served light refreshments outdoors, and our guests were able to enjoy the gardens of the Meeting House.” ~ Basil K.